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"It is my true reaction to Carolyn Val-Schmidt's performance, she is not only an artist she's fun! She charms you with her voice and she makes you laugh - she's a born entertainer!"
Betty Garrett (Actress/Singer/Dancer: All in the Family, Lavern & Shirley) on Classically Cabaret at Vitello's, July 10, 2009

"Carolyn's multi-talented background in music from her training to her outstanding performances leave you breathless. The music crosses cabaret with opera, and her voice resonates like an echo from here to New York. An A-class spirit who puts her arms around you when she sings and doesn't let go until you laugh or cry. With eleven languages to her credit, the tears will fall when you hear operatic selections in Italian."
Andrea Alvarado, Text in the City May, 2009


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